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3rd February, 2013

Chinese New Year is getting closer and those interested in the lunar calendar know that the year of Dragon (2012) will change to the Water Snake 2013. They say if certain colours are worn on the evening of the Chinese New Year, it will help to welcome the year and ‘make it feel comfortable’ on the new spot. As it is the Water Snake coming, the colours of the clothes and other accessories should be blue, grey, green and silver . Do not forget that snakeskin is shiny, so wear a lot of matching jewellery – this night there will not be too much of it! The Water Snake will love it!

30th January 2013

One of the most popular jewellery exhibitions in Vicenza, Italy, just ended with success, according to the number of visitors and exhibitors. Though it is too late to unpack, as there is another one coming up in Thailand on 26th Feb – 2nd March 2013.

15th January 2013

Silver is the new gold! According to the Business Insider, silver is gaining popularity over gold, and there are 2 obvious reasons for it. First – price of gold is too high; second – why buy expensive gold when silver looks just as good and more attractive price-wise. One of the companies, who is always up-to-date with the current industry news, is Rayd Group which constantly comes up with new collections made from silver. The company takes pride in its design and high quality of jewellery. Never too late to try!